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Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meters

sound level meter

A sound level meter is a device that allows you to determine the acoustic intensity and to measure the sound pressure level, but does not necessarily determine levels of sound in relation to tolerance of the human ear. All Pulsar Instruments’ sound meters are suitable for professional application, including measurement of sound at work and environmental sound measurement.

Sounds that reach harmful levels can cause sound-induced hearing loss and therefore create vast damage to people’s hearing if in the near vicinity of loud sounds.

Sound level meters are divided into two "classes", (previously referred to as "types"), which both have the same functionality, but different tolerances for error. Class 1 instruments have a wider frequency range and a tighter tolerance than a lower cost, Class 2 unit. This applies to both the sound level meter and its associated calibrator. Most national standards permit the use of "at least a Class 2 instrument".

At Pulsar Instruments, we have a wide range of products for effective and accurate noise measurement.

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Our Assessor range is ideal for the measurement of industrial noise. All products are available as non-data logging if you prefer to record the data manually. Our Assessor range is quick and easy to use, with a simple ‘on’ and ‘stop’ switch.


All products in our Quantifier range are data logging and are ideal for noise measurements over a period of time. In addition, they can come complete with weatherproof measurement kits if outdoor monitoring is required.

Our Model 14 is a low-cost sound level meter, which is perfect for ‘point and shoot’ sound measurement in an industrial, occupational or hygiene setting.

The Model 30 and Model 33 are accurate hand-held instruments with a large internal memory capability for high volumes of data storage. These sound level meters are ideal for industrial noise monitoring or for frequency analysis of industrial and environmental noise.


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